Project Description

Growing SMEs should train their bookkeeper to provide them with greater support.

It’s surprising how making little tweaks to the bookkeeping process can transform your business. Having easy access to information that can enable you to make informed business decisions can make all the difference.

Here’s one of the tweaks that we suggest to our clients. It’s easy to do but the outcome is being able to pull up detailed reports on stock orders and outstanding jobs.

How to Use Sales Orders for Better Effect

This is quite likely not the way you currently keep an eye on stock and monitor jobs. However, if your business has ongoing stock orders or jobs to complete, then a sales order system is an essential tool to control operations.

The benefit of this approach is that each order or job is assigned a unique sales order number. It’s this number that is used to reference all information about the order such as customer details, description, quantity, price per unit, delivery address, freight charges and so on.

When the job is fully completed or a billable section is completed, the sales order information is used to generate a sales invoice and this is emailed to the customer with all of the payment terms.

The value is that it’s easy to reference further details about the job. It also makes it easy to retain a bird’s eye view of where you are, how much you have in stock, what needs to be done next etc.

Valuable reports at your fingertips

Here are some of the value-adding reports you can gain access to instantly that will help you to control the whole sales ordering process:

  1. Details of each order and total value of all orders not yet complete
  2. The length of time taken to complete each order
  3. The value of orders won by each sales representative
  4. The quantity of stock available to meet sales committments

If you feel your business could benefit from further bookkeeping training, contact us today. We’re here to help you to transform your business for the better. The outcome is access to financial information that enables you to make informed business development decisions.