Who We Are

Ger Honohan lives by the belief that no business can grow without being aware of their full financial picture. As an experienced accountant, accounting software advisor and bookkeeper trainer, Ger has spent the last 20 years empowering SMEs to find what they need to financially flourish. His expertise untangles messes and brings the good health required for further business development.

His early years were devoted to management accounting and financial analysis and this is evident in his proven ability to lead a business down a path of precision and profitability.

The outcome is better decision making, complete control and accounting systems that anyone in business can easily follow. Less risk of tax audits,

The results are:

  • Better analysis and information for better decision making
  • Complete control over financial records and transactions
  • Accounting systems that anyone in business can follow
  • Reduction of errors and omissions
  • Improved tax compliance and reduced audit risk
  • Business owners and accounting staff who can sleep at night

Ger’s insights gives the empowerment overcome the messes, muddles and indecision that blocks businesses from moving forward.

Our aim is to get you the following outcomes:

  • business owners and managers that are more confident and informed.
  • better decisions, better financial management and performance.
  • systems that are defined, explained and implemented.
  • less mistakes and omissions, more control and improved tax compliance
  • The business is less likely to be asked to perform audits and are much more prepared for revenue audits
  • monitoring of results and trends such as sales, expenditure, labour efficiency, profitability and cashflow.
  • implementing plans to improve gross margin and net margin.

Mission And Philosophy

Words from Ger:

‘I started this service when I realised that this is what can turn around the success of a business. Clients tell me that the value they get is that I not only simplify their accounting but at the same time they get far more answers than they’ve ever had access to before. They are left with simple systems but the knowledge that they need to take their business forward to greater things.’

‘Overall, we enable a bookkeeper (or a person with even less accounting background) to outperform a professional accounting by equipping them with modern accounting software and training.

We’re affordable and you gain peace of mind, dramatically reduce errors, and get a much better insight into your business.

Use our twenty years of experience working with SMEs to successfully expand your business and avoid costly bookkeeping and taxation mistakes.