Part-Time Financial Controller

A full-time Financial Controller/Accountant can result in a hefty wage bill for an SME. GLT Business offer the expertise of an in-house Financial Controller without the impact of a fully salaried additional staff member.

What is a Financial Controller?

As a business grows and becomes more complicated to operate, a Financial Controller provides a business with the financial knowledge and/or experience to understand and control their finance functions.  Services carried out by our part-time Financial Controller include:

  • Financial assessment of your accounting function
  • Overall management of the finance function
  • Identifying and eliminating wasteful practices
  • Implementing efficient accounting procedures
  • Pinpointing problem spending by highlighting trends
  • Validating or discouraging business decisions with financial well-being in mind

These are skills that all business require and are vital to ensure success.

Why Should Your Company Have a Part-Time Financial Controller?

  • Benefit of years of experience, financial insight, regulation updates and large corporation expertise without the high cost associated with having a full-time Financial Controller
  • If your business is looking to get to the next level, you need guidance on accounting systems, internal controls, funding, tax compliance, budgeting and company structures.
  • If your business is struggling to avoid insolvency or bankruptcy, you need financial expertise to help you find a viable turnaround solution. We will help you restructure your business by identifying loss making areas, negotiating with creditors, identifying new market opportunities and incentivising staff.


“GLT’s part-time Financial Controller service got our systems under control.  They are now helping us to grow our business in a controlled manner and are a critical part of the team”

Andrea Kennedy – Managing Director at Shipping Solutions Ltd

If you are interested to learn more about this servicet, please contact us.