Tax Compliance Check

Why wait until you receive a letter from Revenue to begin checking if your business is tax compliant? The financial cost and personal stress of a difficult Revenue audit can be substantial.

GLT Business will show you

  • How simple changes to the way that information is gathered and recorded can be the difference between a clean bill of health from Revenue and a costly and unpleasant audit outcome
  • How to use your accounting software to automate your tax reporting obligations and substantial reduce the risk of a Revenue audit
  • The forms of tax relief and grants which are potentially available to your business


  • Are you applying the correct VAT rates to the products & services on offer?
  • Learn how to check for omissions and errors on your VAT return
  • We show you how to easily & accurately file the annual Return of Trading Details (RTD)
  • Learn VAT reporting obligations when dealing with EU imports and exports
  • Understand the information required on a valid VAT invoice


  • Understanding PAYE/PRSI/USC
  • Reconciling wage payments on your payroll to your accounting software
  • Project or department costing of wages
  • Dealing with benefit-in-kind, pensions and other deductions
  • Review business expenses which be claimed tax-free
  • Details to record when paying expenses tax-free to staff
  • Using policies and procedure documents to provide consistency and reduce your administrative burden

RCT (Relevant Contract Tax)

  • Learn how to register contracts and notify sub-contractor payments on ROS
  • Determine when RCT applies in your business
  • Use your accounting software to automate the RCT reverse charge procedure


  • Are you making sales of goods or services to EU VAT registered customers?
  • Learn how to easily meet your VIES reporting obligations
  • Learn the information to be included on your invoice when making EU sales
  • Use your accounting software to automate your EU sales reporting obligations


  • Learn when Intrastat reporting applies to your business for the import/export of goods within the EU
  • Use your accounting software to collect the information necessary for Intrastat reporting.