Are you a SME owner looking to recruit Accounts staff? You need to be certain they will be capable of doing a good job.

In many cases, business owners carry out only basic interviews, or hire based on a referral. The outcomes are hit-and-miss, and can often have a high cost for the business and individuals’ stress levels. When the accounts department struggles, the business suffers in terms of errors & omissions, Revenue audits and the lack of information for decision making. Firing someone is very stressful and costly, and the employee, owners and other staff can really suffer. It is best for to avoid all of this grief and spend more time at the recruitment, selection and training stages.

We can help at all stages of the recruitment and selection process for accounts staff. We offer after-support in terms of education, user support and training specific to your business activities.This will allow you to assess a much broader base of candidates, allowing someone who is motivated and good with numbers to perform as well as an experienced bookkeeper after a relatively short period.


  1. .Job Description
  • Define the skills, qualities and behaviours required
  • Distinguish between essential and desirable criteria
  • Indicate if position is part- or full-time
  • Indicate if position has fixed or flexible hours
  • Set level of pay & benefits 

II. Qualifications/Experience required

  • Little accounts experience(€10 - €15 per hour)
    • Lower cost per hour
    • Can be trained as a bookkeeper once willing to learn
    • Often have better other soft skills than a experienced accounts person – building relations with customers and solving unstructured problems
    • Bookkeeper with experience (€15 - €25 per hour)
      • Will hit the ground faster than a person with little experience
      • Likely to need training specific to your business activities
      • A good bookkeeper with training will outperform an accountant using outdated methods
    • Qualified Accountant (€25 to €50 per hour)
      • Much higher cost per hour
      • 90% to 95% of accounting transactions are repetitive. No need to hire a qualified accountant if this is the majority of the work involved
      • Should be capable of providing good business insight and helping to set direction for the business

III. Advertising the position

  • Where to advertise
    • Low cost – Job Search website/Social Media/Local Media)
    • Higher Cost (National Papers/Recruitment websites & agents)
    • Use our contact details to maintain confidentiality

IV.Select the most suitable candidates for interview based on desired criteria

V.Formulate interview questions

  • We both set the interview questions based on the position and experience of candidate(s) being interviewed.
  • Technical/Competency/Experience Questions – Accounting/taxation/software/procedures knowledge
  • Character/Behavioural-type questions

VI.Conducting the interview

  • Start the conversation on safe ground and in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Outline what the company does & how it keeps employees happy
  • Ask both open and specific questions
  • Draft notes of the interview

VII.Candidate Selection

  • Attitude, work ethic and motivation are the key ingredients
  • Involve other team members in the screening & selection process

VIII.Feedback to unsuccessful candidates

IX.Training & support to new team member**

Support Provided* Information Only Recruitment Offsite Support recruitment Full Support recruitment
Discussion about the Accounts role to fill Y Y Y
Identify the skills and attributes required of the job applicants Y Y Y
Prepare a job description Y Y Y
Prepare job advertisement Y Y Y
Use our contact details to manage the job applications N Y Y
Review the job applications & select suitable candidates for Interview N Y Y
Formulate the interview questions Y Y Y
Conduct online or phone interview(s) N Y Y
Conduct onsite Interview(s) N N Y
Candidate selection for the position N Y Y
Feedback to unsuccessful candidates N Y Y

*The above support can be tailored to your exact requirements

**See our training & support section for details