Ireland & UK Distribution Company – Inventory Management System

Ireland & UK Distribution Company – Inventory Management System


Client was stuck using an old legacy inventory system which had both automated & manual aspects. Management & staff found it very challenging as stock data and files were stored on a spreadsheet, invoices were generated by an accounting system and stock controlled on another system. The whole process was very time consuming with little value adding reports for inventory control & decision making purposes. Also, the system was heavily dependent a couple of individuals for detailed knowledge and this risked the nightmare of key staff members leaving.


GLT Business evaluated a number of options with the client. We selected and implemented a system which was easy to maintain. The new system allowed all information to be stored on a single platform and was easy to use. 
The software streamlined the warehouse processes and keeps track of purchase & sales orders, inventory levels, reorder quantities, lead times, discounting, bills of material, locations, serial numbers and other inventory management items.
The inventory management system is available to all staff members. New employees can be trained to use the system within 30 minutes. 
GLT Business established business processes which are tightly linked and allows the client to run and analyse many different system generated reports such as the following:
• Sales & gross profit by product/stock category/customer.
• Stock quantities & valuations by product/stock category/location.
• Stock shortfall report.
• Goods delivery reporting.
• Sales & purchase order status reports.
• Sales order picking lists.
• Quotation status reports.

How GLT Business Created Client Value:

• Installed a new, integrated inventory management system.
• Saving the client a lot of time generating reports which provide them with accurate insights about their inventory & business.
• Easier to balance the supply of inventory with demand. 
• Helping to reduce inventory carrying costs such as insurance, storage and risk of stock becoming obsolete.
• Inventory system can be used by all staff members for updating & reporting purposes.

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