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Grow your profits  financial trends in business  setting-performance targets

Benefits For Our Clients

Benefits For Our Clients

* Complete control over all financial transactions and records

* Easy-to-follow accounting systems that anyone can understand

* Drastically reduced errors and omissions

* Improved tax compliance and reduced risk of a Revenue audit

* Actionable information on business trends and powerful analysis to guide decision making

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  • Sage Accounting Software 150
  • Acca Accounts
  • Cork Chamber

Bookkeeping Services In Cork city and county

Core Service

Setup proper accounting software & staff training, dramatically reduce errors & gain better insight into your business.

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Part-Time Financial Controller for Hire


We train new bookkeepers to run an Accounts department professionally 

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Accounting systems and procedures

Sage 50 & Microsoft Excel Reports

Improve results with daily transaction inputs to the accounts for reports.

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If you’re looking to get more from your accounts to transform your business, GLT Business can help.

We show SMEs and other businesses how to apply the power of accounting insights to business finances for transformational results. By showing your bookkeeper or accountant how to get more from your finances, the results can be:

  • Access to the information you need to make informed decisions
  • The understanding you need to grow your business
  • Previously unimaginable accounting led results
  • Using procedure and control checks that help to eliminate mistakes and protect against revenue audits.
  • Establishment of simple systems that will keep your accounts in good order
  • Help with finding effective accounting staff to hire

Accounts get messy and fail to deliver the information you need to grow your business

As qualified chartered management accountants, accounting software advisor and using our broad understanding of taxation, our clients benefit from bookkeeping and accounting training that sorts out accounting messes and identifies valuable insights for growth.

Our willingness to go the extra mile means our clients get exceptional value and support along the entire journey.

Deep accounting knowledge to simplify your accounts whilst digging up the information that you need to make informed decisions.

Overall, we help you to understand your accounts, bringing simplicity and clarity as we show you how powerful your numbers are.

We will start by untangling your financial mess and make your accounts process far easier. Then we will provide you with the step by step guidelines that your accounts staff need so that they can report the right results every time, on time. This will help greatly to eliminate nasty tax bills and you’ll be sleep at night without the nasty tax cloud over you.

If your accounts department is in a fog of confusion, it’s time to help them get the meaningful financial information with less effort. The result is a clear assessment of your business performance for better decision making and the business growth that you’ve always wanted.

Your systems may have worked initially, but your business has now outgrown them and now it’s time for better reporting.

This is what makes GLT Business different

The typical accountant will help with the standard accounting such as year-end accounts, VAT, PAYE. We go that extra mile, the mile that truly adds value and shows you how to understand the numbers and apply them for better business. We get down deep and pull out all you need.

Say goodbye to paying a high price for errors, labour inefficiency and lack of good financial information.

Free initial consultation

Contact us now for your free initial consultation so that you can fix your accounting and get rid of errors, unnecessary expense and control over your tax.

A little word about our satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee that we can show you how to improve your business for better financial results.

Powerful financial insights for better business decisions from a trusted advisor

Say goodbye to that messy accounting system and hello to informed decisions made with clarity and new business growth.

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Business Financial assessment


We can help at all stages of the recruitment and selection process for accounts staff.

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Financial Budgeting

Tax Compliance Check

Why wait from Revenue to begin checking if your business is tax compliant

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Business performance measurement

Business & Financial Planning

 Looking at a new project? Professional prepared business & financial plan.

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Case Study: Agricultural Sector

Case Study: Agricultural Sector

Agricultural Services Company – Restructuring & Turnaround.

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Case Study: Business Sector

Case Study: Business Sector

Ireland & UK Distribution Company – Inventory Management System

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Case Study: Construction Sector

Case Study: Construction Sector

Construction Company – Lack of understanding of costs.

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